Love: The Last Chapter can be used as a conversation starter, a training tool, and as a catalyst for change!

It is our hope that Love: The Last Chapter is used widely in community, educational and professional development settings. By providing a deep dive into the lived experience of three senior couples, the film can help us:

  • unpack and challenge ageism
  • understand the importance of intimacy late in life and of supporting the emotional needs of seniors
  • de-stigmatize sexuality among seniors
  • appreciate decision making processes faced by older couples vis-à-vis healthcare and living arrangements
  • discuss best practices when interviewing, researching and documenting seniors
  • reflect on the universality of experiences for seniors but also on the individuality and uniqueness of experiences based on race, gender, class, abilities.
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Discussion Guides for Educators

These discussion guides were created for five different audience groups. They are intended to be used in classrooms, training sessions and as tools for education after viewing the feature-length film Love: The Last Chapter. To host a screening or license the film for educational purposes, please contact the National Film Board of Canada at 

Sample Clips